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One Pissed otter

Screencast amusement( test)

Just casting myself about

On2 test

This is a real flumpkin

Just a test from a web cam. A very badly made Creative life cam with a lens that came of an aged donkey with cataracts.

There we are

The SV after action shots

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Sitting in the lot  this is what happens when your  bike gets a bad case of rapid deacceleration syndrome  followed by  concrete poisoning.. .

Dobhran's second birthday ( no audio work ,chop chop)

The happy b-day.   Sadly  no one bought him a lighting system so this looks like crap.   I've not done the audio track yet...  but hey look at the cute..

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San Die Dobh

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All in all I think he likes the sea

Dobhran takes on hotsauce and a helmet

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Dobhran now at 23 months and getting read to turn two

Dobh's water park

This time we take him out back and give him enough water to have fun.

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Dobhran wakes up

Yes there's not a lot of light ( morning after all) but you get to see his look of puzzlement.

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dobh may

He's been playing all day, cute, happy and then the camera came out and poof.. He put his lens cap on.

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EASTER FAKE- The aftermath of the kid's playtime

Hand held, no attention to audio, story or plot. It's Dobhran having a fun time after his recent illness. Rated FC for fucking cute.

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03-17 Irish Theme restaur rant

The day after St Patrick's day we found ourselves in an Irish ( themed) bar. What we found was about as authentic as an on hold message saying just how valued the call is.

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dobh at the park

one day we took Dobh and his toys to a local park.

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One Pissed Otter Test

Trying out a new tool and being rude, crude and needlessly graphic. Notice there is an explicit tag. If you are easily offended stay away (if you're just easy you have my address;) )

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Dobh's favorite bathtime gurgles

We splash around a lot.

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Mental Model General

When Dev, Usability and the user meet there's going to be fun.

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Just what do you think you are doing Dave? quote

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